Alnwick Community Center
Our old home
The Cades Cove Preservation Association 
The CCPA old museum iwas located at 
Alnwick Community Center 2146 Big Springs Road, Maryville, TN
CCPA Archives Room at Alnwick. The plaque beneath the patriotic ribbon on the left is our CCPA Memorial which is a mechanism which can be used to honor those who have departed. The framed prints in this room, in the majority, are the work of Cades Cove descendant Lee Roberson. These prints were donated to the CCPA by the children of Dr. Randolph Shields, noted Cades Cove historian. The CCPA has  records, photos and much more  for access by the public and Cades Cove researchers. 
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This view is towards the entrance of the CCPA Archives Room, behind the blue wall. To the right of the entrance is a picture of Dr. Randolph Shields along with sinage used at his former home place in Maryville, Tennessee. Exhibit items along the wall include a crosscut saw used for selective logging in Cades Cove, an exhibit on the Cades Cove Forge, and items from the Kermit Caughron Place in Cades Cove.
All Artifacts are now housed at the Cades Cove museum 
in the historic Thompson-Brown hose
CCPA Memorial Program. We have a plaque at Alnwick which designates individuals who have been remembered with sufficient donations to the CCPA. 
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contact Gloria Motter

In Memory Of:
Mr. Murphy L. Tipton
Col. Hugh R. Oliver
Mr. Fred Hennion
Mr. Ray Gregory
Mrs. Charlotte Tipton Riddle
Mr. Calvin A. Gregory
Mr. Calvin Shields
Mr. Kara Gregory
Danny Shuler
Johnnie Weber
Mr. William Post
Mrs. Roxie Coada
Shawn Myers
Mr. Lee Tipton
Mr. Orville Ledbetter
Mrs. Ginger Hackney 
Mr. Gene Snyder
Louanne Neaman
Roy Coada
Dave Post
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Earl Adams, CCPA Board member, entertains guests from Asbury Acres Retirement Center At the Smithsonian exhibit.

Townsend Elementary students and teachers watching the CCPA prepared video. They are obviously interested in the content. The video was prepared by Sara Gregory and focused on the significance of corn to the Cades Cove community. There was also an ample amount of Cades Cove history, photography and other information presented. The video was shown in the lunchroom/kitchen area at Alnwick.
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Gloria Motter ~ Museum Director
Help from Joyce, Carol & Richard Anderson 
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Cades Cove Museum 
is located in the Historic Thompson-Brown house 
1004 East Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, Tenn.
All Cades Cove artifacts are now located at the Cades Cove museum 
A scale model of the John Oliver cabin on display in Cades Cove Preservation Association's exhibit was made by John Oliver descendant Homer Green photo by Linda Albert
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