A little local news:
The Alcoa City Schools cable network's programming includes a segment called Profiles of Blount County. This is hosted by Dick Abbott who does descend from the Cades Cove Abbotts  Last year, Roy Coada, Julie Brown and I were interviewed for a session which focused on the organization and mission of the CCPA. Last week, Ruth Davis arranged for Danny Oliver and I to be on the program to publicize the current Smithsonian exhibit at Alnwick. Mr. Abbott showed up at Alnwick this past Saturday to tour the exhibit. During his visit, Mr. Abbott suggested that the Profiles of Blount County camera crew might visit Alnwick to tape a segment during the exhibit. We extended the CCPA welcome and as a result, the show will be recorded at Alnwick on Jan. 29. Although the show will include additional publicity of the Smithsonian exhibit, Mr. Abbott specifically requested access to former Cades Cove residents for discussions about the Cove.

In addition, Ruth has arranged for the local CBS affiliate in Knoxville to visit for a segment on the Alive At Five program. I believe we are expecting that visit Friday of this week.
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Blount County Local News Mentioning Cades Cove Preservation
We Appreciate the media coverage from all local newspapers, TV & radio.
Richard Abbott and Debbie West of local Alcoa Schools System Channel 3 visited the CCPA home at Alnwick today for a remote taping of an upcoming Profiles of Blount County program.
The visit occurred as 90 children from the Mary Blount Elementary School were present to tour the Smithsonian and other exhibits at Alnwick. Mr. Abbott particularly wanted to interview former Cades Cove residents to discuss their memories of the Cove as well as provide a glimpse of the exhibits.

Those who shared their memories were Lois Caughron, Ruth Caughron Davis, Gene and Jo Lequire, Roy Coada, Leon and Jonnie Sparks with daughter Phyllis. In addition, Mr. Abbott managed to chat with a few of the students.
It is expected that the program will be aired twice daily for approximately a week. This is the third occasion over the past year that the Profiles of Blount County Program has included representatives of the CCPA. We are pleased that the CCPA has been chosen to appear on the program and feel that these appearances positively reflect upon our mission and the dedication of our membership. 1-31-05
"Letter to the Editor"  Myers Cemetery care is appreciated

Dear Editor:
I want to thank the Cades Cove Preservation Association for their time and labor on cleaning the Myers Cemetery in Townsend late last fall. I wasn't aware of this worthwhile labor until just recently while getting birth and death dates off some of the headstones.
Not to take anything away from little Amber (Myers) Webb who mows and cleans the cemetery all summer long. It had grown up some around the edges. So Amber got help there.
I thank Mr. Williams that adjoins the cemetery property for permitting the CCPA to trim back the spruce trees that line his yard at the cemetery line. The trees hung way over across the headstones of that last row of graves.
Thank you CCPA, Amber and Mr. Williams, the Myers Cemetery sure shows an improvement and difference.
Merle J. Handley
Maryville, Tn.

P.S. I have grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents buried there and have gone since a small child to Decoration Day (an almost forgotten occasion for many, but a ritual for old-timers).

The Daily Times
April 14, 2005
2005 Oak Shingle Award
Discovering the past: Students learn traditions of the past
2005-09-13 by Melanie Tucker of The Daily Times Staff

Half of Blount County's fifth-graders arrived at Historic Sam Houston Schoolhouse in Maryville Thursday to get a taste of hoecakes, make tissue paper flowers, churn butter and play games -- activities meant to introduce them to the Sam Houston way of life in the early 1800s.

The other half of the county's fifth-graders got the same opportunity Friday, all part of the schoolhouse's Country Fair days. They came away -- hopefully -- with a better understanding of Houston's contribution as soldier, lawyer, senator from Texas and teacher, attorney general and governor of Tennessee.

The grounds at the historic site were filled with artists and craftsmen like Don Taylor, a wood carver from Sevierville and representatives from the Embroiderer's Guild of America. Dawn Peters, a member of the Cades Cove Preservation Association, had a table set up where she demonstrated how to churn butter. Gene Lequire fried up plenty of hoe cakes while Ruth Davis provided a how-to on making kraut.

Kathy Kalisek and Marleitta Cooper, both teachers at Lanier Elementary, said their children were having a blast on a warm, sunny September day. The children arrived at 9 a.m. and left about 1:30 p.m. after grabbing a handful of kettle corn, making bead necklaces and trying the bean-bag toss among other activities.

Cooper said she was amazed at how interested her students were in the needlework display. And they especially loved the hoe cakes, she said.

``Here they are and they aren't playing with video games or watching TV,'' Cooper said.

Cooper and Kalisek were preparing for lunchtime and then a trip over to the one-room schoolhouse, which was built in 1794. It was a great opportunity for an old-fashioned spelling bee, the teachers said.

In addition to students from Lanier, there were also fifth-graders from Middlesettlements and Fairview present on this day.

Lanier student Kaitlyn Wright, 11, filled much of her time making a tissue paper flower. Each child who came to Sam Houston brought some money to buy craft items and toys. Wright said she had already spent all of hers before lunch. She also tried her hand at churning butter for the first time.

A used book sale, demonstration on stamping, candle making, jars of homemade jams and jellies and beautiful cross stitching all served to provide these students with a history lesson whether they were aware of it or not.
Discovering the past
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