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My family came from Cades Cove. Robert Burchfield, 1774-1868 in Cades Cove Jesse Young Burchfield and more.Where was the cades cove post office located in the cove my 4th great grand father Jesse Young Burchfield, 1827-1910 was a postmaster there from 1864 to 1868.
Family hear say is that Robert Burchfield was the son of Mary or Susan Burchfield and a Cherokee Indian named Oowahooskee ( but no proof of this so far ). Would love to find pic of Robert & his 1st wife Elizabeth Hill who is also buried in the Burchfield - Wilson Cemetery in Cades Cove, and a pic of Jesse Burchfield. Barb
My dad has a few books about cades cove genealogy but none of them have info on the Robert's past Samuel Joshua Roberts and his wife Martha Jane Shields. Samuel Joshua's dad was John Roberts, and his mother was Nancy. My great grandma says that Nancy's maiden name was Clabough. But I wanted to check for sure. Also, I am almost positive that my gr gr grandparents were cousins!!! See, I believe that their grandparents, Martha Oliver and Elijah Oliver, each one from one parent shared the same parents, John Oliver and Lurany Frazier. Also Gregory's Ashley Roberts
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I am a Cades Cove Descendant. My Great Great Grandparents were Jasper Wilson & Caroline Jarrett Garland. They had four Wilson children, Phebe, Loretta. David, George Grover. George Grover Wilson is the line that I'm from. He married Martha Compton and had a son James Ollie Wilson (Family lore is that they were not together long). I believe from my family research Phebe Wilson Married Henry F. Snodgrass, Loretta Wilson married Wm."Flat Bill" Oliver, Dave never married.
I'm trying to find out more about this family.  I also was told George Grover Wilson was a mail man in Cades Cove. Is there any way to verify that family story? I know that Caroline Wilson is buried at the Methodist Cemetery. Jasper should be there also. I have old photos my Mom took in the 1970's of their tombstones, including G G
Wilson (George Grover Wilson) Caroline Jarrett Garland had four children from her first marriage to Isaac Harvey Garland. He was killed during the civil war. The children were Hester, Charles, Lewis and Celia. Though Celia was born about 2 yrs after Isaac was killed, so there is a question as to who was her father. In the late 1880's Jasper moved with family to Cades Cove. His stepdaughter went with him, Celia Garland. More family lore is that Jasper had a child with his step daughter Celia and a child was born, Fonzo Garland. Celia married a James Henry Russell. From what I understand they had several children.
Also, I was wondering if by chance there is any way to find out if the relatives of Arthur Randolph Shields ( author of the the families of Cades Cove Books) may have photos of the Jasper Wilson & Caroline Jarrett Garland family they would be willing to share. Jasper & Caroline were my GG Grandparents. In his books he has a photo of Jasper Wilson and family. I would love to contact that side of the family and see if I could get a copy of the photo. Would any of your members be from the Shield family?
Roby Wilson 
I just got my book I ordered from the site."The Descentents of Robert & Margaret Emmert Shields of Cades Cove, Tennessee" by A. Randolph Shields. Is this the only book by Mr.Shields? I saw a book that had the Garland family picture in it. One of the Garland children was W.B. Townson Garland and I think Harvey was one.
Would like more info of the Harmons & Margaret Elizabeth Gamble
Annie Presley
Hi, My name is Sharon Frady Williams. I am a descendent of Joseph LeQuire my G G grandparents were Minor LeQuire and Arlene Womack they had a son named Joseph Anderson LeQuire who was my Grandma parents her name was Pearl LeQuire Frady. I am hoping you might have some info or pictures of the family that you are willing to share. I have some info and some pic's of that family that I would be willing to share.
Is there a listing of the children of Sam "Longhair" Burchfield available.  If my information is correct, the line goes from my father, Weldon Birchfield, grandfather Frank Birchfield, my great grandfather Jeptha Burchfield, my great great grandfather John A. Burchfield to what would be my great, great, great grandfather, Samuel "Longhair" Burchfield.  I do not have much information but believe that Nathan "Nate" Burchfield would have been a son of Samuel "Longhair" Burchfield and a brother of John A. Burchfield.   Texie Birchfield Bohannan
I am trying to track whether this John Oliver had a son John, who married Martha Henderson in KY. Ultimately, I am trying to determine whether John Oliver and/or Lurany Frazier had any Revolutionary War ancestors. Kathy Turner
Looking for a connection between our family in Jackson county, Tenn. 1860 census and the Shields and Walkers in your area.  WW Shields, M.D. w- Polly ( Mary ) Walker looking for their parents.  Children are : Mary , John, Flora, Mary F. William Walker, Matilda   WW- born-around 1824 , Polly Walker around 1828.  Also Calvin Fox B-1829, Elvin W. Fox,12-12-1859 Sevierville, TN  Marceline Hill

My maiden name is Michelle Hamby. I was told by one of my uncles that one of my great uncles had helped to establish your church and I would really love to know more about my family. My great uncles name was William Hamby if you have any info on a man by that name that was there in the 1800s and would be willing to share it with me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.Michelle Valenziano
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Abbott Adams Armentrout Branham Brannon Brown Bryant Burchfield Cable Capps Carver Caylor Chambers Clabough Clay Coomer Cushing Dunn Effler Everett Farr Frey/Fry Frazier Gamble Garland Gregg Gregory Griffin Hamby Harmon Headrick Hill Hood Jarrett Kelly/Kelley Law Ledbetter LeQuire Mackey Myers Mynatt Oliver Payne Parton Powell Quillen Rambo Reeder Riddle Roberts Rudd Runyan Russell Shields Shuler Simeon Simerlly Sparks Stinnett Sullivan Tipton Trice Walker Whitehead Wilcox Wilson Womack
My Stinnett's, and Griffin's grew up in Sevier County. I even have a cousin who married Dolly Parton's cousin.   Ruby Ray Cobb
My ancestor David Farr and his wife Harriett Mackey Farr lived a while in the cove.My maternal lines includes John WALKER the father of the Walker Sisters of Little Greenbriar.    Alice Foster Blevins
I have Carver and Burchfield ancestry back to Cades Cove.    Lavina
I didn't know much about my ancestors (Burchfield's)    Laurie Nocera 
Would be interested to learn anything about the Will Branham family listed on the 1850 Census. Did he die there? Is his home still standing? (I visited Cades Cove when I was young and remember the Branham home being there.) Anything about them would be appreciated. Also Noah Branham  Isabelle Branham Terry
I am related to John Oliver and Laureny (Frazier) from Cades Cove   Tina Oliver
Curious about a Tom Effler listed as married to an Oliver from your area. Tim Effler
My ancestors: Burchfield's, Lequire, Cable, Tipton,Wilcox,Powell. Barbara
I can trace my family to Cades Cove. Jasper Wilson & Caroline Jarrett Garland were my GGGrandparents.   Roby Catharine Wilson
I am descended from the Gregorys of Cades Cove. My great, great grandmother was Joanna Gregory, d/o Charles & Celia Carver Gregory, son of Russell Gregory. I've not done a lot of research at this point on the Gregory famiy but am very familiar with Cades Cove  Rayburn, Gamble, Clendenen, Spradling, Gregory, McCuiston, Davenport, Blair   Kamy Rayburn Gamble
My surnames Abbott, Myers, Sparks, Chambers, Burchfield, Shuler
Melissa Morgan
My TN surnames are: Rambo, Runyan,Lair,Short & Armentrout  Gloria Motter
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I am trying to find an obituary for a Codelia Isabelle Quillen who died  4/17/1940.  I would appreciate someone searching for this as she is a relative of mine and I need this for my genealogy. Thanks in advance, Thelma Jennings Leitch  
The names are Whitehead and Riddle  lw
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My GGG grandfather George Washington Burchfield married  Mary Jane Garland.  I have found them on the census in Cades Cove but cannot find any info on her or her family.    Melanie Bailey
My grandmother was Lillian Stinnet, daughter of Bill Walker who was an original settler in Cades Cove. Would like to get any info available on him. I have an old photo of him standing in front of his cabin with his gun. Would like more info if anyone can help.  David Lett
My great-grandfather, Jonathan William Brannon (listed on the 1850 census as Branham), was born in Cades Cove. My surnames are Brannon, Whitehead, & Hill. Can't connect with the CC Whiteheads, but Jonathan W. Brannon married Levina Hill daughter of Green Hill, whose sisters married into the Burchfield & Gregory CC families.
Kay Cahill
Tracked family back to Cades Cove, grandfather, John Calvin Everett came from there to Gravelly Hill Tenn.,near Louisville on Choto (Choctaw) bend of Tenn. river, problem with thats all info I have is that we are the Smokey Mountain Everetts from Cades Cove. Need info on family settled & buried there & origin before Cades Cove.  P.S. Also know that John Calvins fathers name was Newton Everett. and Johns wife was Blanche Simerly from somewhere around Maryville Tenn. Please advise on how I may get further info.
Jon V. Everett
My grandfather, Noah Murrell Gregory was born in Cades Cove. As a child I visited the cove often when our family returned to Maryville to visit.No matter how hard I try, I am strangely drawn to the area and the history. I am very grateful for the websites and the histories. Thank you for all of your hard work.
Alice Ray Neufeld (nee Anderson)
My family runs deep into the cove we are from Myers, Leadbetters,Tiptons and others I am not sure of. My Grandfather was Henry Wilson Sullivan of Dry Valley. Any way that I can help to preserve the Cove and the stories and Herritage of the people it nurtured for so many years I am willing to do. May you find peace in the Mountains You Loved. I love you "Pa" and miss you every day. Josh. Anyone who knows me or my grandfather please feel free to contact me by e-mail or at
Joshua Henry Sullivan
Jesse young Burchfield 4th gr.grandfather moved from the area to Scott co.Tn. and then back. Desperately seeking photos or anything that may help with the BIG GAPS, of who they were,what they looked like,and how did they live???? Thank you
Tinna Moffitt
Hi! I am looking for information on the Burchfield's from Cades Cove. I grandmothers last name was burchfield. I am also trying to find out information on a cherokee chief named oowahooskee = was my fifth greatgrandfather. thank you .
Pam Straub
My mother's maiden name was Wilcox.  Her father was George R. Wilcox (born
in Cades Cove) who was the son of George Washington WilcoxGeorge Washington Wilcox was born in Illinois and returned to Cades Cove in the 1870.s  He was the son of Caleb Wilcox who I believe came to the Cove fron North Carolina.  Other lines in the family are Burchfield, Shields, Gregg, Frey/Fry, Payne, and several other families who lived there.  While I have much information on the Wilcox family, I am looking for other "bits" and pieces."  Especially about my great-great grandfather, Caleb. 
Any information would be appreciated.
Rita Holtz
I am the gr-gr-granddaughter of Polly Harmon
I found your site while searching for info on her.It is a very interesting site & I enjoyed it very much. Would you happen to know where I could write for more info on Polly Harmon?  I have some info but looking for more.
Darla Sander
I'm looking for Roberts, Reeder, Kelly/Kelley, Tipton, Rudd, Hood ancestors who lived in the area around Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee during the 1800s. William & Mary Roberts & family lived in Maryville in 1850. Their daughter Martha/Marthena Roberts married John K. Kelley. I would like to find more on William Roberts & Mary before and after 1850. I think they were in Maryville after 1850, but their names may not be listed in the census index because some of the censuses are damaged with stains. John & Marthena (Roberts) Kelley's daughter, Sarah Kelley, was my great-grandmother. Sarah Kelley married James Franklin Trice, who was actually a Reeder. His father was Frank Reeder & his mother was Phebe Tipton--(the Phebe Tipton who first married a James Trice, who died before 1850). Frank Reeder died of pneumonia before he and Phebe could be married, according to family legend. Their son (James Franklin Trice) was born Nov 1851. There were several Phebe Tiptons who were granddaughters of William Tipton, but the Tipton genealogies leave my Phebe Tipton out. I believe she was a granddaughter of William Tipton. I just don't know which son was her father. She (Phebe Tipton Trice) lived next door to Nancy & Mahala Tipton in 1850. After Frank Reeder died, Phebe married Henry Linginfelter. My grandmother, Ida Phebe Trice, was named after her grandmother, Phebe Tipton.
Sherry Crow
Looking for any information on Abraham Butler Tipton.Would like to know where he lived as a child and also where he is buried. My husband's grandfather was Jonathan Caswell Tipton. He is buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery in Dry Valley
Debra Tipton
Will S Branham on 1850 census was actually William Lewis BRANNON. b. March 19, 1810 in Cades Cove, TN. d. April 3, 1865. Buried at Maryville, Tn. according to family history we have. He was my great-great grandfather. He married Lavina Hill Dec. 26, 1836. She is listed as Leona on the 1850 census. Born Oct. 3, 1819, died June 19, 1883. My great grandfather was Wade Hill b. May 21, 1847 in Cades Cove,Tn. d. Sept. 9, 1936. Buried at Lindsay,Ca.
Don Brannon
I am an Oliver descendant. I would like to compare and share information with other Oliver researchers. Secondly I am looking for a source for the two books by Colonel Oliver. My oldest known Oliver ancestor was: Charles A. L. B Oliver b. abt 1793 SC or GA - d. btw.1874-1880 FL Married 4 times: 1) 1814 Bullock Co GA Sarah Hill 2) 1817 MS Territory, Madison Co. AL Margaret Howard 3) 1822 Baldwin Co., GA Eliza Cushing 4) 1830 Bullock Co., GA - Mary Ann Capps I descend form the union of Charles A. L. B. Oliver and his 4th wife Mary Ann Capps. Her father may have been a William Capps. I look forward to hearing from you!
Claudia Oliver Newell
I am a descendant of the Cable's and Law's. My grandfather, Huse Law, was born in the Cove in 1905 and died in 2001 at age 96. His father was James A. law (1880-1961) and Mother was Mary G. Cable (1873- 1944). His sisters were Sara and Josie. I would like to hear from anyone with information on my ancestors of the Cove and information about rights of descendants to be buried in the family cemetary in the Cove. Please protect the Cove, its history and the artifacts, prevent vandalism to the buildings. Make a donation to the preservation efforts!
Rod Cable
I have printed my application for CCPA Membership. I have reason to believe that I am a descendant of the John Tipton Family and look forward to researching this information on my Family Tree. Kindest Regards, Sandra T. Isbell Civilian Director Alabama Division of Reenactors, Inc.
Sandra T. Isbell
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Found your site while surfing the net, I am a family genealogist, if any of the Mynatt's in that area are interested in their linage, give me an email and I will attempt to hook them up to our very long and interesting Mynatt History. Thanks
Vern Mynatt
My grandfather was born in Cades Cove, Edgar Brown. His father was Albert Brown who was married to Emma Sparks Brown. Albert's father, Jesse Simeon Brown and his wife, Mary Proctor Brown came from Ireland originally. I would like to find out more about them and where they came from. I love seeing all our heritage and history on these sites!
I made an error in my last note, my great- grandfather is Albert Brown, his father was William Brown, whose father was Richard Henderson Brown, whose parents were Jesse Simeon and Mary Proctor Brown. I knew it sounded too short! Hope to find out about our Irish Heritage as well!
Valeria Brown
I'm am Decendant of Daniel Caylor,son of William John Caylor of Cades Cove.
Wayne F.Kaylor
I have a great Aunt (Ida May Adams Walker, 81 years old) whom lives in Townsend Tennessee. She was telling me that her grandmother is buried in an unmarked grave in Caves Cove. She had learned of this from Dr. Randolph Shields himself. I was hoping to find some information about this. Her grandmother may of been of the Dunn or Adams family. I would lke to locate this missing grave for her and other family members. I appreciate the help and would be interested in becoming a member possibly.
Surmanes:Adams, Headrick,Dunn
Bud Sams
My name is Derrick Harmon. I am a direct descendant from Polly and Samuel Harmon from Cades Cove. Samuel and Polly were my Great Grandparents.
Derrick Harmon
I am a decendent of Thomas Carver who moved into the Cade's Cove area around 1828 and died there in 1836. I have a web site up detailing the ancestry and decendency of Thomas Carver plus I am in possession of his son Reuben
Carver's family bible. Reuben was born in Carter County in 1800.
Richard Kyle   Family Genealogy Web site
I am a decendent of John Cable from Cades Cove. My mother told me that John Cable was my great grandfather.
I am searching for more information.James R. Flint
My grandfather was Noah Murrell Gregory. I have very few pictures of him as an adult and none of him as a child. If there are pictures of him or his family I would love to see them. 
Alice Ray Neufeld (Anderson)
I am a member of the Tipton family.My mother Nola Tipton Coomer was born in the cove.Her parents were Gibson Tipton, Bertha Proctor Tipton all now deceased The cove was a very special place to my mother and grand parents thank you for your interest in our heritage and preservation of it ,Randolph Sheilds interviewed my grandparents when he published his book.I would love to know anything you have to share .my parents had a fire so very few pictures exist in our family. Our family Tipton geneolgy is listed in the Sheilds book my moms name is listed.I love Cades Cove its the most peaceful place I have been,the most beautiful place in the world!!
Donna Lewchenko
I am descended from Cades Cove ancestry, including: Sparks, Burchfield, Leadbetter, Oliver, Sheilds, Whitehead and Tipton. Thanks to the many who have researched and documented our lineage so grandly! Especially to the late Randolph Shields who so wonderfully published our history. My mother's father, John A. Bryant was from NC and we have very little information on his family, it is great to have our ancestry traced on the other sides. Thank you CCPA for preserving the memories.
Wanda ( Sparks) Roberts
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I knew Pete Tipton who worked as the head miller at the John P. Cable Mill in the 1980's. Does any one have any information about him? Is he still alive, or when did he pass away? Did he work in any other mills, or what was his job background? I would like to ask him a couple of questions. I worked with him for a short time in the Cable Mill, and have a question I never fully knew the answer to.

Also does any one have a copy of the book or National Park Service publication on the Mills of the Great Smoky Mountains, by former park historian Ed Trout? I  would at  least like to get a photo copy of the book. This is not a Great Smoky Mountain Park souvenir tourist brochure that only talked about today's existing mills (Mingus Mill, the Cable Mill, Reagan Mill and the Junglebrook Mill).  The book that had photos and history about the many mills that are no longer standing in the park today. This was a book the size of Randolph Sheilds book, and was out of print when I came to work at the Great Smoky Mountains in the spring 1982. Thank you. Ted Hazen
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